My Stoma Is Retracted – What Should I Do?

A retracted stoma is where the stoma no longer lies on the abdominal wall, but appears sunken or in a dip. This type of stoma is relatively common, and can pose occasional challenges. Leakage, sore skin and difficulties with appliance management sometimes result from having a retracted stoma.

If you are having a problem with leakage, ask your stoma nurse for a review to check there are no other causes for the issues. A specialist Stoma Care Nurse should assess your retracted stoma as soon as you become concerned. There are various products that can help you even out the surface and ensure a good seal between adhesive and skin. You may want to try Hyperseal washers which are stoma seals designed to mould around and provide extra security to pouches fitted on uneven, creviced or retracted skin. HydroFrame flange extenders provide additional adhesion and increased wear time of your stoma bag, or filler paste can be used to smooth dips and creases around your retracted stoma.

LBF is a no sting barrier film which provides an ideal base for the comfortable adhesion of stoma bags when skin is sore, which can occur more frequently with a retracted stomaå.

Convex stoma bags like Aura Convex colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy bags offer a secure, comfortable fit for problem stomas. You should always seek advice from your Stoma Care Nurse before trying convex stoma bags. It is a good idea to try the solutions mentioned above first, to see if they solve your problems.

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