How Do I Dispose Of My Stoma Bag?

If you have a drainable bag or a urostomy bag, empty the contents into the toilet and then place the used bag and any wipes into a disposal bag. (All prescribers of stoma bags or a home delivery service like SecuriCare, CliniMed’s sister company, will provide you with disposal bags with your order.) Seal the disposal bag, put it into a domestic refuse bin, and wash your hands.

If you have a colostomy bag, you can either cut it and empty the contents into the toilet before disposal if you prefer, or you can put the used bag with contents and wipes into the disposal bag. Seal the disposal bag, put it into a domestic refuse bin, and wash your hands.

While it is fine to dispose of used stoma bags into normal domestic waste, some local authorities offer a ‘yellow bag’ clinical waste service for stoma bags if you prefer. They will provide the yellow bags and collect the waste. Contact your local council for information but please note there may be a charge for the service. If you have a colostomy you might like to try Aura Flushable. It revolutionises disposal because you can flush the inner liner, flange and waste straight down the toilet, leaving only the clean, soft outer cover for disposing at your convenience. Separate the cover and inner liner using the Easy-Peel mechanism – it’s as easy as opening a pot of yoghurt.

Disposing of Stoma Bag

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