Break the stigma and embrace intimacy with confidence.

Sexual Wellbeing: A Guide for those facing continence issues

Don’t let continence challenges compromise your sexual wellness or isolate you from emotional and physical intimacy any longer.

If you or your partner are among the millions facing continence challenges, you may have concerns about maintaining sexual intimacy. The taboo surrounding this topic can leave you feeling alone and unsure where to turn, but starting that dialogue is the first step towards reclaiming intimacy.

Our comprehensive eBook provides the compassionate guidance you need to break the stigma and begin those important discussions. This guide offers insights from Dr Masarat Jilani, a GP who is passionate about tackling taboo topics and provides an open and honest discussion on sexual wellbeing.

Whether you’re the one experiencing continence concerns or you’re caring for a partner, you’ll find advice on how to approach the topic sensitively. We provide strategies for communicating your needs and overcoming the stigma, so you can have productive dialogues with healthcare providers, loved ones or intimate partners.

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