Queen Alexandra Hospital Fund Raising

When it comes to relationships with our customers, we don’t just care about the sales.

Our sales team have created some amazing bonds with our customers, and we always make sure that we’re supporting our customers, not just with product but with their initiatives, charity work and community outreach.

Our Product Specialist, Rob, recently met with the Stoma Team at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, who shared that they will be doing a charity walk, along with other nursing staff to raise funds for a colleague who suffered a stroke in 2022.

As a result of the stroke, Joel unfortunately acquired Broca’s aphasia, effecting his speech. Since then, he has spent months navigating a challenging recovery and working hard to regain his communication skills.

Joel discovered Say Aphasia, finding their support very valuable throughout his recovery. Now, Joel’s colleagues want to help raise money for the charity, to show how much Joel means to them and their appreciation for the charity that has helped a cherished colleague and friend.

Read more about Joel’s story, learn how Say Aphasia help people and donate if you can:


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