Our Carbon Reduction Plan

In 2022, the NHS Net Zero Supplier roadmap was published which outlined the objectives and requirements of working towards a goal of being carbon-zero by 2045.

All suppliers of the NHS have been encouraged to align their objectives to the supplier roadmap as the supply chain is an indirect contribution towards the NHS’s carbon footprint.

The three core areas of focus are:

Direct business activities - e.g., fleet cars, use of public transport

Indirect business activities - e.g., electricity consumption

Indirect business infrastructures – e.g., staff travel to work, waste contribution

CliniMed and SecuriCare are committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2045.

Here are just a few of the projects and ongoing initiatives we’re investing in as a business to reach this goal:

  • Fleet transition to sustainable transport methods such as electric and hybrid cars
  • Investment in LED light and PIR systems to reduce energy consumption
  • Use of a carbon neutral delivery company for patient orders
  • Investing more in renewable energy sources
  • Waste reduction initiatives
  • Energy efficiency initiatives
  • Sustainable supply chain management

We’re very proud of the CliniMed and SecuriCare team’s dedication to these initiatives and we are continuously working on new ideas to bring our company closer to achieving Net Zero emissions.

Read more about our Carbon Reduction Plan on CliniMed or SecuriCare websites, along with our Environmental and Quality Policies.

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