British Journal of Nursing - Evolving Appliances to Improve Patient Outcomes

Evolving stoma appliances to improve patient outcomes and increase stoma acceptance

We are thrilled to share an article published in the British Journal of Nursing which highlights a case where our wonderful Aura Plus product helped a patient solve their problem with leakage and helped to improve their peristomal skin complications.

The article discusses complications that a patient may experience and what challenges some patients face when trying to navigate everyday life with a newly formed stoma.

The author highlights how stoma care pathways aim to enable patients to be independent and confident with their stoma care while the role of the stoma care nurse is to support, advise, educate and recommend products to help patients achieve this independence and confidence.

The article demonstrates the importance of how keeping up to date with the latest products can help nurses provide the best support for patients and allow them to recommend the most appropriate product for each patients individual needs.

The article introduces a case study where the patient was suffering with serious complications. Mrs Green has been experiencing significant leakage and had been diagnosed with peristomal skin complications. The patient had tried a number of different pouches, flange extenders, washers and pastes without having any positive results until Mrs Green tried Aura Plus.

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