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Appeel Sterile

The range includes the following applications: Appeel Sterile Sachet, Appeel Sterile Spray and Appeel Sterile Wipes. All are made from silicone and no sting, even on sensitive skin.

Appeel Sterile Sachet

A single use application, designed to meet the clinical challenges of adhesive dressing removal where pain, peri-wound trauma and the risk of infection are a concern.

• For LARGE dressings e.g. abdominal and spinal
• For use on broken skin
• Single use
• Sterile delivery

For more information on Appeel Sterile Sachet click here

Appeel Sterile Wipes

Appeel Sterile Wipes are specially designed to remove adhesive appliances where pain and the risk of infection are a concern. Ideal for removing adhesive tapes and small dressings without damaging skin.

•   For SMALL dressings e.g. adhesive tape, around Ng tubes
•   Single use
•   Sterile delivery

For more information on Appeel Sterile Wipes click here

Appeel Sterile Spray

Appeel Sterile Spray helps reduce peri-wound trauma, skin stripping, the risk of infection and pain during a dressing change. Ideal for use in the community; for single patient multiple dressing change and/or urinary sheath removal.

•   For dressings and urinary sheaths
•   Single patient, MULTIPLE use
•   Sterile delivery

For more information on Appeel Sterile Spray click here

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