Appeel® Medical Adhesive Remover

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Appeel Spray/Wipes

As with all new products, Appeel should be tested on a small area of skin before use. We suggest a small amount of Appeel is applied inside the forearm.

Appeel Spray

Appeel will not soak through waterproof or impermeable appliance. Therefore, gently peel back the corner of the device (e.g. dressing), spray Appeel around the edge and wait a few seconds before gently removing.

Continue to peel back the device, applying more Appeel as necessary. Before applying another adhesive product, wait 15 seconds for Appeel to evaporate.

Appeel Wipes

Remove the wipe from the sachet and gently wipe over a permeable tape/appliance or under the edges of an impermeable tape/dressing to release it from the skin.

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