Wound Care Products

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Wound Care Products

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Our Wound Care Range includes:

Appeel Sterile Sachet and Wipes – sterile medical adhesive remover

Appeel Sterile Sachet and Wipes are single use products, designed to meet the clinical challenges of adhesive dressing removal where pain, peri-wound trauma and the risk of infection are a concern. Appeel Sterile Sachet is ideal for large dressings and is safe to use on broken skin. Appeel Sterile Wipes are ideal for removing adhesive tapes, small dressings and adhesive residue without damaging skin. Both are silicone based and won't sting the skin.

Appeel Spray and Wipes – medical adhesive remover

Appeel spray makes medical adhesive device removal quick and easy. Appeel Spray is in an easy to use aerosol that is ideal for use on a single patient for multiple dressing changes. Appeel wipes aid removal of adhesive dressings, ensuring a good seal between the new adhesive dressing and the skin. Both are made from silicone and so won't sting the skin.

LBF – skin barrier protection products

LBF is a no sting barrier preparation that protects the peri-wound area from exudate and risk of maceration. LBF is completely alcohol free and easy to apply. It uses silicone technology that dries rapidly, leaving a transparent barrier that protects vulnerable skin. Our LBF range includes Sterile No Sting Barrier Film WipesBarrier Cream, No Sting Barrier Film Spray and Sterile No Sting Barrier Film Foam Applicators

CliniSorb – activated charcoal dressing

Living with a malodorous wound can be very distressing. Studies have shown that the presence of odour and excessive exudate can lead to adverse effects on a person’s psychological state. CliniSorb is an activated charcoal dressing that provides relief by adsorbing the volatile molecules responsible for odour creation.

Free product samples

Information is supplied on our wound care range of dressings and products, free samples can be ordered online.

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