Curan Lady

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Compact and discreet for intermittent self-catheterisation

Curan Lady is an intermittent catheter with a discreet compact design which fits into your life perfectly. The catheter has been designed specifically for female anatomy, and can easily fit in to your pocket or handbag.


Compact and easy-to-use

Curan Lady catheter:

  • Has a compact design to fit neatly in to your pocket or handbag and looks like a mascara or lip gloss
  • Is convenient for use outside of the home with its quiet discreet packaging and ability to be fully resealed should immediate disposal not be available
  • Can be easily opened, even with limited dexterity, using the easy grip and twist lid
  • Is lubricated by a gel compartment providing a mess-free coating for comfortable insertion and removal
  • Has polished eyelets making insertion and removal smooth with no irritation
  • Is a cost effective alternative to the market leader, offering a 10% saving

Guide to female self-catheterisation

Watch this video to learn how to perform self-catheterisation when using Curan Lady as well as to find out about its design, features and after care.


Range of sizes

Curan Lady comes in 4 sizes and is available in individual sterile single use packs of 30.

Curan Lady Order code
08 CH  CL 08 
10 CH CL10
12 CH CL12
14 CH CL14

Please note: you should not use intermittent self-catheterisation products without first consulting a healthcare professional.

If you would like to try a free sample of Lady click here.