CliniFix® Medical
Tube Holder

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Straps or tape traditionally used to secure catheters/tubes in place may cause discomfort and skin irritation. Choose CliniFix and you can help resolve the problems associated with tape and straps whilst reducing the risk of infection and trauma caused by inadvertent medical tube movement.

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The unique multi-purpose medical tube holder

CliniFix – the unique multi-purpose catheter/tube holder that fits like a second skin

  • Adheres gently and comfortably to safely secure catheters and urine collection bags used with Bioderm and sheaths.  
  • Solvent-free inner adhesive strip – does not affect the adherence or quality of any catheter fixed to it
  • Made from skin-friendly hydrocolloid adhesive – can remain in place for up to seven days without affecting skin integrity
  • Hook and loop securing device – fixes multiple-sized tubes in place securely, without hooks or clips, providing greater comfort, convenience and safety
  • Catheters/tubes – can be repositioned without changing CliniFix
  • Resealable design – allows for easy cleaning

Evidence suggests securement methods, not antimicrobials, may be the most effective solution to urinary tract infection.’ (Carignan, M. Mechanical Reduction of Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infection Risk, Infection Control Today, April 2004

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