Wound Managers

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Wound Managers

The Wound Manager range: Simply better all-round

Our Wound Manager bags have been specifically designed to help make wound care easier for carers and more comfortable for patients. The advanced features make them ideal for patients who have undergone surgery and require a bag to manage a wound or collect various stoma outputs. The Fistula Bag is ideal for the management of multiple fistula sites and can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Range of 5 wound manager bags

The range of 5 Wound Manager bags

Wound Managers are available in five variants: clear/beige with inspection window (large), beige with split soft cover (large or medium), clear/beige (small), and the Fistula Bag (small).


All Wound Manager pouches:

Provide an accurate fit

  • A large flange area gives enhanced adhesion and a simple cutting guide ensures a secure and comfortable fit around individual patients' stomas
  • Two new smaller sizes and the Fistula Bag are suitable for use in paediatrics and for smaller outputs

Allow easy monitoring and care wound manager inspection window

  • Wound Manager with inspection window provides easy access to the wound without removing the pouch, for procedures including washouts, paste application and enemas                                                                     
  • wound manager split soft coverWound Manager with split soft cover can also be used to monitor the output through the separation of the split soft material

Are kind to skin

  • The HyperFlex® hydrocolloid flange is gentle to vulnerable skin, even during extended wear time
  • The super soft pouch cover ensures exceptional comfort and the material dries quickly, helping to prevent the build up of perspiration

Additional features of Wound Manager bags:

New improved Dual-Carb®2 filter (medium and clear/beige small size only)
  • Enhanced carbon formulation reduces odours, giving greater discretion over a longer time
  • Laser cut filter allows maximum air flow management, helping to reduce ballooning
Dual Carb 2 filter

New Dual-Carb 2® filter

Unique dual outlet system (large and medium sizes only)

  • The unique dual outlet system is versatile and can be used for liquid as well as more solid output
  • Outlet tap can be easily opened and closed, with the flow easily controlled by applying light pressure
  • Once output thickens the tap can be cut off to convert the pouch into a drainable outlet
  • The easy release tab on the drainable outlet makes emptying simple, secure and hygienic
  • Anti-twist panels help ensure a free flow of output
New additional soft material (small only)
  • Placed behind the tap to provide more comfort and discretion against even the most sensitive skin
wound manager back view

New soft material behind tap: Back view

wound manager front view

New soft material behind tap: Front view

To receive a sample from our Wound Manager range, please contact your local representative.