Welland Stoma Paste

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Welland Stoma Paste

A hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, no-sting paste for use on uneven skin around a stoma. It smoothes and levels minor skin irregularities, creating an ideal base to improve the fit of your stoma bag. The paste helps form a perfect seal, so you can feel confident it will be held safely and securely in place.

Welland Stoma Paste is supplied in a squeezable 100g tube.

  • Gentle and sensitive to your skin
    • Alcohol-free and hypoallergenic
    • Will not sting or irritate the skin on application
    • Suitable for most skin types
  • A smooth, sealed surface
    • Used to fill skin dips and smooth over scar lines, creating a smooth and even surface
    • Creates a perfect seal; reducing the chance of fluid leaking beneath the flange and causing skin irritation and damage
  • Easy, pliable application
    • The soft, squeezable tube makes it easy to apply
    • Throughout application the paste will remain pliable, allowing flexibility for moulding to fill gaps and smoothing over scar lines
  • Durable; long lasting
    • The durability of the paste will give a long-lasting performance
    • Holds your stoma bag securely in place, preventing leakage and sore skin
Product Order Code
Welland Stoma Paste 100g WSP 100

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