UltraFrame Flange Extenders

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UltraFrame Flange Extenders

Especially for ostomates who lead an active lifestyle, UltraFrame is a revolutionary new flange extender designed to keep the flange securely in place whilst the body keeps on moving. Unlike traditional hydrocolloid flange extenders, UltraFrame is made from an ultra-thin, transparent and waterproof film, making it ideal for bathing, swimming and high intensity sports and activities.

UltraFrame provides additional security when it is needed most

  • DISCREET – The ultra-thin, low profile and transparent film reduces visibility under clothing and when the pouch is exposed and also allows you to view the condition of the skin underneath.
  • SECURE - Keeps the flange securely in place and provides an effective seal against leaks.
  • COMFORTABLE – The smooth and lightweight film allows the skin underneath to breathe and acts and feels like a second-skin. You’ll forget it’s even there!
  • WATERPROOF - Maintains integrity and shape when in contact with water and stoma output and is ideal for bathing, swimming and active ostomates.


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UltraFrame Flange Extender UFWAFH33

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