LBF® Sterile Barrier Film

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LBF Sterile Barrier Film range

LBF Sterile Barrier Film uses healthcare grade silicones to protect both intact and broken peristomal skin from the harmful effects of bodily fluids such as stoma output.

Market leading peristomal skin protection

Protecting peristomal skin is a complex process that is often taken for granted until damage occurs. LBF Sterile Barrier Film provides a protective barrier which dries rapidly on the skin, forming a breathable transparent film that protects skin from corrosive bodily fluids such as urine, faeces, digestive enzymes and sweat, which can cause skin to become red and sore. It is also great for sensitive skin as it helps to prevent the sticky adhesive on stoma pouches from causing irritation or damage during removal.

LBF Sterile Barrier Film:

  • Long lasting skin protection
  • Alcohol free; no sting
  • Sterile; use on intact and broken skin
  • Healthcare grade silicones
  • Provides ideal surface for adhesion of stoma pouches
  • Dries rapidly; pouch can be applied within seconds
  • Skin friendly; latex, preservative and fragrance-free

Simply click on the product images below to see more information about each LBF sterile barrier film product that we offer and to order a free sample.

  • Market leading barrier film wipe
  • 30 individually packaged wipes
  • Discreet and conveniently pocket sized
  • Also available; LBF Hydrosolve flushable wipe

Pack size: 1 x 30 wipes
Order Code: 3820

  • Apply without touching the skin
  • Great for skin that is too sore to touch
  • No sting or cold sensation
  • Spray from any angle

Pack Size: 1 x 30ml or 1 x 50ml
Order Code: 30ml 3827, 50ml 3826

  • For more precise application
  • 5 individually packaged applicators
  • Available as 1ml or 2ml applicators

Pack size: 5 x 1ml or 5 x 2ml
Order code: 1ml 3824, 2ml 3825

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