Hyperseal® Washers With Manuka

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Hyperseal Washers with Manuka honey

Hyperseal washers with Manuka honey are stoma seals designed to add extra security to pouches. With the added comfort of Manuka honey, they are gentle on vulnerable and sensitive skin.

A reassuringly comfortable fit

  • Moulds beautifully to all the body contours, while remaining exceptionally versatile
  • Can be stretched, shaped, moulded or cut to fit around the stoma
  • Doesn’t lose stickiness so can be re-joined if breaks
  • Treats skin with care − even on vulnerable or sore skin
  • Ideal for stomas that have crevices, fistulas or scar tissue that could make the surrounding stoma site uneven
  • Additional adhesion where it’s needed most to help prevent leakage

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Order codes

Product Name Order Code Qty
NEW - Hyperseal with Manuka honey 30/60mm (2.5mm thick)
MHWA 310
NEW - Hyperseal with Manuka honey 40/70mm (2.5mm thick)
MHWA 320
NEW - Hyperseal with Manuka honey 50/80mm (2.5mm thick)
MHWA 330
Hyperseal with Manuka honey 20/50mm (2.5mm thick)
MHWA 300
Hyperseal with Manuka honey 20/50mm (4.0mm thick)
MHWA 400 20
Hyperseal with Manuka honey 20/100mm (2.5mm thick)
MHWA 350 5

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