HydroFrame® With Manuka Honey
Flange Extenders

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HydroFrame with Manuka Honey

HydroFrame with Manuka honey flange extenders are designed to add extra security and comfort to pouches, giving ostomates the confidence and freedom to live life to the full. For extra comfort, they now contain Manuka honey.

For details of HydroFrame Mini with Manuka honey click here

Hydrocolloid flange extenders with Manuka honey

HydroFrame with Manuka honey provides easy application for increased confidence

  • Provides additional adhesion - useful for creases, scars hernias and prolapsed stomas
  • Increases pouch wear time, especially when putting extra pressure on the flange, such as while gardening and playing sport
  • Designed for easy application

Order codes

Product Order Code
HydroFrame with Manuka honey MHWAFH33

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