Aura® Profile Drainable - Ileostomy Bag

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Aura Profile Drainable - Ileostomy Bag*

The Aura® Profile Drainable pouch has a flexible and adaptable flange, which moulds and shapes around the contours of a parastomal hernia providing a secure, leak-free fit. The unique flange can be fully inverted to adapt to any body profile and can also be a solution for dips, moats, scars or creases. The inclusion of medical grade Manuka honey to the hydrocolloid flange may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.

Ideal for ileostomates with a parastomal hernia

Unique design

  • Soft and mouldable flange can be fully inverted to shape around challenging contours
  • Skin friendly Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange is moisture permeable, allowing the skin to breathe
  • Secure easy release tab for simple and hygienic emptying, cleaning and closing
  • Laser-cut Dual-Carb® 2 filter, for less ballooning and more effective management of gas and odour


  • Medical grade Manuka honey in the hydrocolloid flange which may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma
  • Easy2peelTM tab supports the smooth removal of the flange, reducing skin trauma
  • Super soft and water-repellent cover provides exceptional comfort, even during extended wear
  • Integrated belt loops and a soft adjustable belt for additional security

Integrated Belt Loops

Inverted Flexible Flange

Optimal fit

  • Moulds around parastomal hernia contours at body temperature
  • Can also be used for peristomal irregularities such as dips, scars, creases or folds
  • Split-back cover provides easier pouch positioning and output monitoring
  • Available in a range of pouch and inverted plateau sizes including new 60mm

“The greater surface area of the flange meant that it could get a better grip on my odd shaped body” Mr B – London

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