FreeStyle Vie® Curvex Closed - Colostomy Bag

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FreeStyle Vie Curvex Closed - Colostomy Bag

If you have a colostomy, FreeStyle Vie Curvex Closed stoma bags can help you enjoy greater confidence. Our unique, flexible flange gently moulds to your body’s shape making FreeStyle Vie Curvex ideal for a leak free fit, for example if:-

  • You have a slightly recessed stoma, even if it is only on one side
  • You have creases, dips or moats around the colostomy site
  • You have a parastomal hernia – can be used with or without HydroFrame flange extender
  • You are having leaks, perhaps using pastes and washers

FreeStyle Vie Closed Drainable

Our improved FreeStyle Vie Curvex Closed colostomy bag design provides:-

  • Enhanced Security
    • Now with integrated belt loops, providing additional pressure if needed and a soft, flexible belt which is easy to adjust
    • Our unique flexible flange can be inverted for use on parastomal hernias and will mould around slightly recessed stomas, creases, dips and moats
    • Reduces the need for paste and washers: FreeStyle Vie Curvex moulds to the body’s contours for a secure leak free fit
    • Starter hole or pre-cut sizes available using our clear, accurate flange cutting guide to ensure your ideal fit.
  • Integrated Belt Loops

    Inverted Flexible Flange

  • Increased Comfort
    • Improved split soft cover to aid pouch application and allow monitoring of output
    • All over soft cover stays cool, dry and comfortable and dries quickly after bathing, showering or swimming
    • Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange is kind to skin


  • Maximum Discretion
    • Advanced odour control with laser cut Dual-Carb® filter
    • Quiet film reduces rustling
    • Available in beige with soft backing both sides or clear with soft backing on one side


‘I felt that with the belt it was more secure particularly when it was quite full’ Mr P.B. - Loughborough

If you would like to try a free sample of freestyle vie curvex logoClosed click here

If you have a deeply recessed or problem colostomy, please visit our Freestyle Vie Convex Closed page for more information. If your output is looser, you may prefer to use a drainable stoma bag: please visit our Freestyle Vie Curvex Drainable page.