Aura™ Flushable

Aura Flushable Colostomy Bag

For many colostomates having access to a flushable colostomy pouch can be life changing, helping people to regain the freedom and confidence that can be lost following surgery. The latest technology in the Aura Flushable pouches gives more choice than ever before about how to dispose of a used pouch. The inner liner and flange contain biodegradable materials and can both be flushed together, or separately, if preferred. Aura Flushable combines the latest flushable technology with the added comfort of medical grade Manuka honey in the flange, which may help promote healthy skin around the stoma.


Aura Flushable - now double the confidence

FreeStyle Vie Flushable

Aura Flushable is made of two inner parts which are contained within a soft outer cover. The outer cover can be easily removed and disposed of at your convenience by peeling away from the body, leaving the inner liner and flange intact. You can then choose whether to remove and flush both the inner liner and flange down the toilet together, or simply flush the inner liner on its own and discard the flange separately in an appropriate waste disposal bin.

Designed to improve quality of life

  • Inner liner and flange contain biodegradable materials that can be flushed to dispose of waste easily and discreetly.


  • The inner liner and flange can be flushed in domestic toilets, septic tanks and single flush siphonic systems and are proven not to block domestic pumping stations*

    *Data on file. WRc independent testing 2017.

Double your confidence

  • Freedom - never have to carry a used pouch again

Kind to skin

  • Medical grade Manuka honey has been introduced to our skin-friendly Hyperflex® hydrocolloid, which may help promote healthy skin around the stoma.

But don't just take our word for it!

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