Changing a Two Piece Bag

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Changing a Two Piece Stoma Bag

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Two piece stoma bags have a separate adhesive (flange) with a raised collar over which the pouch is fitted. The flange can be kept on for 2 -3 days and the new pouches can be attached when necessary.    

  1. Wash hands
  2. If using a drainable or urostomy bag empty the contents of your stoma bag into the toilet.
  3. Emptying Pouch
  4. Apply adhesive remover on top and around the edge of the flange to be removed and wait a few seconds.
  5. Apply Adhesive
  6. Gently peel back the flange, applying additional remover if required.
  7. Remove excess soiling on the stoma and surrounding skin with dry non-woven swab.
  8. Cleaning Stoma
  9. Wash stoma and surrounding area with water and dry thoroughly.
  10. If necessary, check the size of your stoma, using the measuring card supplied.
  11. Measure Stoma
  12. If your pouch needs adjusting, cut a hole to the required size using a pair of pouch cutting scissors*.
  13. Cutting Pouch
  14. Apply barrier wipe to skin around stoma. Leave for a few seconds until dry. This will not affect pouch adhesion.
  15. Applying LBF
  16. Remove the protective cover from the adhesive flange.
  17. Removing Cover
  18. Fit flange and smooth over from the stoma to the edge ensuring there are no creases in the adhesive.
  19. Attachin 2 Piece Flange
  20. Hold in place with your hand for 30 to 50 seconds as the warmth increases the adhesion to your skin.  
  21. Attach stoma bag to the flange from the bottom ensuring that the bag and flange are aligned.
  22. Attaching 2 Piece Pouch

*Pouch cutting scissors are available free of charge or a pouch cutting service is available, also free of charge,  to current users of the SecuriCare home delivery service.

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