Full Body Workout Guide

Challenge yourself with our 3-day full body workout for ostomates

We’ve worked with Personal Trainer, Danny Callaghan, to create a 3-day workout plan for you to incorporate into your week. Workout at the gym or at home with weighted equipment to help build strength across all muscle groups.

As an ostomate, incorporating weight training in your exercise routine might be a bit daunting. However, done properly with the right support and guidance, weight training can be physically and mentally beneficial and most of all, enjoyable!

Danny has created a 3-day workout plan for you to incorporate into your week, focussing on building strength across all muscle groups: upper body, legs, and core.

Being an ostomate himself, Danny has used exercise to help him focus on achieving goals, taking on new challenges and proving that having a stoma doesn’t have to hold you back.

Always ensure you speak with your stoma care nurse to make sure you’re ready to take up an exercise routine. If you would prefer to ease yourself in with a gentler form of exercise, check out Michelle’s Yoga Guide.

Aura Plus Drainable User Experience Review - with Danny Callaghan

Like many ostomates Danny had his concerns about exercising and whether he may experience leaks while continuing to live his active lifestyle. Danny has been using our Aura Plus stoma pouch and always puts his pouch through its paces while he’s at the gym and playing football with his son.

Full Body Gym Workout For People Living With a Stoma With Ostomate Danny Callaghan

Ostomate and Fitness & Personal Trainer Danny demonstrates a full body gym workout designed especially for people living with a stoma.🏋️ This routine is best suited for those who have access to a gym and have some experience with strength training. We’ve listed a number of beginner home exercise routines that can be done without equipment below!

It makes a huge difference, not just in a training facility but in everyday life to know that you’re not constantly having to check your pouch or worrying about skin irritation.

Danny Callaghan

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  • The unique plus shaped flange makes it less likely that creases or leakage channels will form when the flange is applied to the skin, reducing the risk of leaks
  • The unique plus shape makes the flange more conformable, helping the pouch stay secure even when it’s being put to the test and the body’s moving
  • Hydrocolloid flange contains medical grade Manuka honey, which may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma
  • Split-back cover makes it easier to position the pouch and monitor output
  • Super soft, water-repellent cover provides exceptional comfort
  • Available in a choice of colours –choose between a bold and versatile black and a light and simple sand

“I think it is very important having the choice of colour, it can be quite a conscious thing for ostomates if they have a bag that’s black and you wanted to wear lighter clothing, so to have the colour options there, is absolutely ideal." Danny Callaghan


Aura Plus Closed

Pack Size: 30 pouches


Aura Plus Drainable

Pack Size: 30 pouches


Aura Plus Urostomy

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