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What is Appeel Sterile?

Appeel Sterile is a sterile no sting, healthcare grade silicone based medical adhesive remover.

How does Appeel Sterile work?

When the silicones come into contact with the adhesive of the appliance they temporarily change the surface energy of the skin, disrupting the adhesive properties between skin and device. This facilitates gentle removal of the adhesive appliance/ device.

Why use Appeel Sterile?

Appeel Sterile makes adhesive appliance removal quick and gentle. It dries quickly, leaving skin ready for the next adhesive application.

Will Appeel Sterile sting my skin?

No, it will not.

Will Appeel Sterile Spray feel cold on application?

No, it will not.

Can Appeel Sterile Spray be used upside down?

Yes, it can be sprayed upside down and at any angle.

Is Appeel Sterile available on NHS prescription?

Yes it is.

Is Appeel Sterile nurse prescribable?

Yes it is.

Will I have to clean Appeel Sterile off after I have used it?

No, Appeel Sterile dries in seconds.

Will Appeel Sterile affect the adhesion of my next appliance or sheath?

No, it leaves no residue.

Products in this range

Appeel Sterile Sachet

Appeel Sterile Liquid Sachet

Pack Size: 1 x 10, 1 x 20 pack of 5ml sachets
Order Code: 10 pack 3510-10, 20 pack 3510-20

  • Ideal for skin that is too sore to touch
  • Individually packaged
  • Single use
Sterile Foam App

Appeel Sterile Foam Applicator

Pack Size: 1 x 5 pack of 1ml foam applicators
Order Code: 3515

  • Individually packaged
  • Single use
  • Allows application with precision
Appeel Sterile Spray

Appeel Sterile Spray

Pack Size: 1 x 100ml aerosol
Order Code: 35100

  • Spray at any angle
  • Ideal for skin that is too sore to touch
  • No sting or cold sensation
  • Sterile on every application
  • Bag-on-valve allows 100% usage, no waste
  • Single patient, multiple use e.g. in the community
Appeel Sterile Wipe

Appeel Sterile Wipes

Pack Size: 1 x 30 pack of sachets
Order Code: 3535

  • Individually packaged
  • Single use

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