Changing A One Piece Stoma Bag

Emptying Pouch
  • Wash hands
  • If using a drainable or urostomy bag empty the contents of your stoma bag into the toilet
Spraying Appeel
  • Apply a small amount of medical adhesive remover spray or wipe on top and around the edge of the flange to be removed and wait a few seconds
Applying LBF Spray
  • Gently peel back the flange, holding the skin above taut to ease removal. Apply additional medical adhesive remover if required
  • Remove excess soiling on the stoma and surrounding skin with a dry, non-woven wipe
Measuring Stoma
  • Use water to wet a non-woven wipe and wash stoma and surrounding area, then dry thoroughly
  • If necessary, check the size of your stoma using a measuring card
Cutting Pouch
  • If your pouch needs adjusting, cut a hole to the required size using a pair of pouch cutting scissors*
Removing Stoma Bag Cover
  • Remove the protective cover from the adhesive flange/baseplate on the fresh stoma bag
Attaching Stoma Bag
  • Fit bag from the bottom and smooth over the adhesive from the stoma to the edge, ensuring there are no creases that might cause leakage
Stoma Pouch Attached
  • Hold in place with your hand for 30 seconds to a minute, as the warmth improves the adhesion to your skin
  • If using a drainable or urostomy pouch make sure the opening or tap is securely closed before applying the new pouch

* Pouch cutting scissors are available free of charge - or a pouch cutting service is available, also free of charge - to registered users of the SecuriCare home delivery service.

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