LBF® Sterile No Sting Barrier Film Wipes

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LBF Sterile No Sting Barrier Film Wipes

Maintaining skin integrity is a complex process that is often taken for granted until damage occurs. To protect skin from bodily fluids, friction abrasions or adhesive trauma, many patients use a protective skin barrier. However most skin barriers are formulated with alcohol, which dries the skin and can cause stinging.

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LBF Barrier Film Wipes

Advanced no sting skin barrier wipes

LBF (Liquid Barrier Film) uses silicone technology to provide an alcohol-free, sting free barrier that softens and soothes as it protects. Once applied, LBF dries in seconds, creating a breathable and transparent film on the skin.

LBF not only protects skin from urine, faeces, wound exudates, rubbing and adhesive trauma, but also provides an ideal application base for the adhesion of stoma pouches and other medical devices.

The features of LBF are:-

  • Formulated with silicone
  • Alcohol free
  • Non-parabens based
  • Sterile and non-cytotoxic

LBF is completely inert, making it safe for use on sensitive skin, including children.

Product Order Code
LBF 3820

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