No Sting Barrier Film Spray

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LBF No Sting Barrier Film Spray

LBF No Sting Barrier Film Spray has been developed to protect intact skin from the harmful effects of bodily fluids such as urine, faeces, digestive enzymes and exudate. It will also protect against friction and adhesives.

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LBF No Sting Barrier Film Spray

LBF No Sting Barrier Film Spray

Skin-Friendly Formulation

Enjoy a no sting experience thanks to our alcohol-free formulation. The skin-friendly formulation is latex-, preservative- and fragrance-free.

Superior Infection Control

The innovative ‘Bag-on-Valve’ design ensures no air is drawn into the formulation and the LBF fluid is not combined with a propellant.

Comfortable Easy To Use Application

LBF can be applied without the need to touch skin directly; ideal for sore and delicate skin. It provides 360° dispensing and a uniform spray pattern for maximum coverage that can reach all areas, even when the can is upside-down, and is quieter than standard aerosols.


LBF provides a long-lasting barrier on the skin and delivers 100% active ingredient, which minimises any fluid being retained inside the can. This means a reduced number of repeat applications which, combined with our longer product lifespan, means more spray for your money. The formulation does not contain propellants and comes in a choice of two sizes (30ml and 50ml).


No cold sensation is felt when the formulation is sprayed onto the skin, which removes the risk of aerosol burns and reduces any possible discomfort for the patient.

Product Order Code
LBF No Sting Barrier Film Spray, 30ml 3827
LBF No Sting Barrier Film Spray, 50ml 3826

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