Appeel® Sterile Wipes

Appeel Sterile Wipes

Clinical evaluation results

An in-house evaluation was conducted, with patients recruited by clinicians from two hospitals.1 A range of dressings were used, including Mepore®, a wound management pouch, and a Tegaderm® IV. Findings include: 

  • 100% found it very easy or easy to use
  • 75% benefited from faster dressing change
  • 81% found it much easier or easier to remove the dressing
  • 92% reported that dressing removal was much more or more comfortable
  • 44% reported a decrease in pain levels
  • 84% agreed on the benefit of the wiping action
  • 81% found it much better or better in overall comparison to previous method
  • 38% would continue to use Appeel Sterile Wipes for all dressing removal; the remaining 62% would use it for certain dressing removal

Mepore® is a registered trademark of Mölnlycke Healthcare.
Tegaderm® is a registered trademark of 3M™.

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1. Data on File 2011.