Appeel® Sterile Sachet

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Appeel Sterile Sachet

Clinical evaluation results

In a study of 155 patients1:

  • 85% experienced a significant reduction in pain or no pain at all when using Appeel Sterile
  • 90% of nurses found it significantly easier to remove dressings when using Appeel Sterile compared to their usual method
  • 87% of nurses found that Appeel Sterile performed better overall than their current method of dressing removal
  • After using Appeel Sterile, 45% of patients were less anxious about future dressing changes
  • The majority of users, especially children and their parents, found dressing changes to be much faster when using Appeel Sterile

Clinical Papers

Appeel Sterile sachet: helps remove pain from a dressing change (PDF)
This clinical paper outlines some of the challenges facing wound care professionals. Minimising pain is a major issue, particularly the pain associated with dressing changes, when both wound and peri-wound skin are vulnerable to skin stripping and trauma. Alcohol- and oil-based solvents are unsatisfactory; silicone-based Appeel Sterile Sachet removes all types of dressing easily and gently, and sterility prevents infection.

Case Studies - Using Appeel Sterile sachets (PDF)
This clinical paper outlines ten case reports on the use of Appeel Sterile Sachet. Patients range from 16 days old to 95 years old. Results show that Appeel Sterile Sachet removes dressings gently from very young and very old skin, with no further skin stripping, irritation or trauma.

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1. Data on File April 2010.