Appropriate Dressing Selection

Appropriate Dressing Selection

The correct dressing or combination of dressings should only be selected following an holistic assessment and must consider the presenting symptoms; tissue type, exudate level, infection and any patient specific elements and quality of life elements; pain, malodour. Consideration must also be given to the frequency of dressing change and the the cost effectiveness of the regime selected.

No one dressing can offer everything a wound may need at a particular time so you may find the following checklist useful to select the most appropriate dressing regime for your patient.

  • The dressing provides a moist wound environment
  • The dressing supports autolysis; breakdown of necrotic and slough
  • The dressing promotes granulation
  • The dressing is bacteria proof
  • The dressing is suitable for use on infected wounds
  • The dressing is absorbent and facilitates exudate management
  • The dressing is non-adherent and comfortable
  • The dressing is non toxic / non allergenic
  • The dressing provides protection for the wound
  • The dressing is easy to apply and remove
  • The dressing protects the peri-wound environment
  • The dressing controls malodour
  • The dressing is cost effective
  • The dressing is available in both hospital and community (on prescription)

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Caveat: The information given is a guide only and should not replace clinical judgement.