Colostomy Surgery

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Colostomy Surgery

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Adominoperineal excision of rectum (APER)

This operation is carried out if you have cancer very low down in the back passage. The entire rectum and anus is removed and the original exit for the faeces through the anus is sewn up. This colostomy is permanent.



Hartmann’s procedure

This operation is often carried out as an emergency if there has been a perforation of the bowel, especially if you have diverticular disease, colorectal cancer or had trauma to the bowel. The lower part of the colon is removed and the rectum is left in place. Loss of mucus from the rectum may occur. This operation is usually reversible.

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Transverse (Defunctioning) colostomy (with or without removal of a section of the bowel).

This stoma may possibly be reversible. It may be performed to decompress the bowel in colonic obstruction, bypass the diseased bowel or protect distal anastomosis.


Transverse Colostomy

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