FreeStyle Vie®
Curvex Urostomy Bag

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FreeStyle Vie Curvex Urostomy Bag

If you have a urostomy, FreeStyle Vie Curvex Urostomy can help you enjoy greater confidence. Our improved stoma bag design combines a unique flexible flange which gently conforms to your body’s shape with a soft tap to easily control urine flow.

FreeStyle Vie Curvex Urostomy Bag

FreeStyle Vie Curvex Urostomy is ideal for a leak free fit if:-

  • You have a slightly recessed stoma, on one or both sides
  • You have creases, dips and moats around the urostomy site
  • You have a parastomal hernia – can be used with or without HydroFrame flange extender
  • You are experiencing leaks: perhaps you currently use pastes and/or washers

The improved Freestyle Vie Curvex Urostomy Bag provides:-

  • Secure and Leak Free Fit
    • Our new integrated belt loops and soft, easily adjustable flexible belt provide added security and pressure if needed
    • Unique mouldable flange gives greater flexibility around parastomal hernias or slightly recessed stomas, reducing the chance of leakage
  • Integrated Belt Loops

    Inverted Flexible Flange

  • Enhanced Comfort
    • Improved split soft cover allows better monitoring of your urinary output. Aids pouch application
    • Low profile soft tap is easy to open, control flow, comfortable and ensures a snug fit with most night drainage systems
    • Slimline shape and supersoft backing stays cool, dry and comfortable and dries quickly after bathing, showering or swimming
  • Maximum Discretion
    • Available in beige with soft backing both sides or clear with soft backing on one side
    • Quiet film reduces rustling

  • ‘The pouch was more reliable as regards leakage’ Ms.I.B. from Leigh-on-Sea

    If you would like to try a free sample of freestyle vie curvex logoUrostomy click here.

    For deeply recessed or problem stomas, please visit our Freestyle Vie Convex Urostomy Bag page for more information.