Hyperseal® Washers With Manuka

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Hyperseal Washers with Manuka honey

How to use Hyperseal Washers with Manuka honey

You may need more than one washer or to only use part of it, depending on individual needs.

  1. 1. Remove adhesive protector from washer
  2. 2. Cut or stretch washer if necessary to fit snugly around stoma
  3. 3. Fit washer over stoma
  4. 4. Mould washer to surrounding skin contours
  5. 5. Apply pouch over stoma ensuring pouch flange is adhered to washer
  6. 6. Secure pouch around stoma
  7. 7. Make sure pouch fits securely around stoma and washer
  8. 8. The washer provides extra security against pouch leakages

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